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Sound Memories provides full scale video and audio production services for any occasion.


Our multiple cameras and complete audio setup ensure that your video is of the highest quality. We’ve built our reputation on precise planning and consistent follow-up to get the job done right.


Our studios have shooting rooms with full backdrops as well as edit suites with HD facilities. With portable and in-studio teleprompters, green-screening and a little imagination, there’s no limit to what we can film for you.


Beyond recording the video, editing is what takes raw footage to the final presentation. Our editing team and three state-of-the-art editing suites create the right combination of talent and equipment to refine any production. At Sound Memories, we have the equipment to keep up with even the highest industry standards. Today, that often includes High Definition plus the latest graphic tools, animation and special effects to create a style that you will truly appreciate.

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“Capturing the day you missed.”

Although this may seem odd, this motto is our ultimate goal. Often when speaking with married couples, we find they don’t remember much about their wedding day. Those special memories of their big day become a blur in the course of a busy life that moves the couple from one activity to another.

We consider ourselves historians, and it is our responsibility to capture the complete essence of the event and tell a story in an interesting way.

Our style is unobtrusive, yet involved. We use multiple cameras for the best views and make every effort not to be distracting. Like a fine movie, audio is an important component for a quality production. We use three or more audio sources to extract clear, distinct audio of your event. We produce a video that is creative, yet documentary – without use of ‘gimmicks’ in the editing process that may detract from the occasion.

Our editing style highlights more then just the event being taped, but the special emotions and unexpected details that might go unnoticed.

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Video Scrapbooks, Biography and Genealogy Videos

Take a trip through time with photographs, films and videos. They can often tell a great story of person’s life, career or serve as just a memento of a great event. We can personalize this with music, narrations and even interviews. Use this handy form on how to create a Video Scrapbook with time saving tips.

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(note: you’ll need Acrobat Reader to view the file. Click here to download Acrobat Reader).

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Recruiting (sports) Videos

Today’s student athlete needs to get ‘in the face’ of the college recruiter. Video is a major component of the recruitment process. Sound Memories customizes each video for the individual athlete to highlight their skills and allows you to be participate in the editing process. We also can shoot the footage so the focus is where it needs to be or edit from provided raw footage.

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Family, School and Religious Events

For over 30 years, Sound Memories has served families, schools and churches with uncompromising, unobtrusive video service for special events and celebrations. Have you ever hosted an anniversary party, family reunion or other special event and afterward wished you could remember more of the fun you had with your loved ones? Sound Memories can create a video of any special event that will give you permanent and cherished memories.

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Dance Shows, Concerts and Plays

Our production expertise and passion for excellence applies to various venues ranging from large auditoriums to concert halls, gymnasiums, stadiums and schools. We have established excellent working relationships with many different organizations. Through positive experiences, the Sound Memories name has become synonymous with expertise, professionalism and quality work. We create video productions of uncompromising excellence and value.

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Memorial Videos

A sensitive and engaging video can be the perfect tribute to a loved one. With our services, show the happier times and special moments that touched so many others during the life of someone special. Custom music and captions can be added. We also arrange for showing this at the service or luncheon. In addition, we offer live webcasting of memorial services and funerals for the benefit of out-of-town family members and friends.

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Corporate Videos

Alkaye Media, our sister company, produces cost effective videos for business and broadcast. Click here to go to that website.